Other high quality products

Besides HairVitals there are more products for your hair. Below we will introduce some high quality hair products that gives hair loss no chance.


Amazing Hair Building Fibers Eliminate the Appearance of Baldness and Thinning Hair At last there is a safe, natural way to eliminate the appearance of baldness and thinning hair. It's not a spray, cream or cover-up. In fact, it's so scientifically advanced that it is unlike anything you've ever seen before. Toppik is an amazing new complex of tiny, microfiber "hairs" that perfectly blend with your hair. Toppik fibers are made of the same organic Keratin protein as your own hair. Through a unique process, these fibers are restructured to merge undetectably with your hair. You will instantly see a fuller, more natural looking head of hair than you could ever imagine.

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Revivogen, uses powerful natural ingredients that have scientifically proven action regarding hair loss and thinning hair. Revivogen blocks the function of the enzyme 5-alpha reductase, allowing the hormone testosterone not to be converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the scalp. Application of Revivogen on the scalp leads to less DHT so that the longer hair in the anagen (growth) phase remains and falls out much later. Also, `dormant` follicles, which still produce a small quantity of keratin, becomes strong and healthy again.

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HairMax Lasercomb

The only FDA approved laser comb in the world! The HairMax Laser Comb stops hair loss and stimulates hair growth, based on the latest technologies from leading hair clinics. Safe, effective, easy to apply and suitable for anyone who suffers from hair loss. European studies show that in 85% of the cases, hair loss stopped, and that in 55% of the cases, new hair growth is stimulated.

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X5 Laser

Low Level Laser is a new development in the battle against hairloss.

  • No more hairloss.
  • Revitalise the hair still present.
  • Thickens your hair
  • Regrowth of hair
  • Less greasy hair
  • No more dandruf
  • Accelerates the working of Keratine cells
  • Keratin is still fluid in the hair roots
  • Because of this more thickness of the hair

European study results show: In 85% of the cases hairloss stops and in 55% renewed hairgrow is stimulated.

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